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giving old clothes a new life As A Chicago artist, & why it matters so damn much.

Turning Art into Fashion and Fashion into Art.

White Cowboy Boots hand-painted by Chicago Artist pictured with Florals
White Cowboy Boots Hand painted by Chicago Artist

As a Chicago Artist, I'm constantly inspired by the trends and uniqueness of Street Fashion. Vintage clothes are the latest and greatest in the Gen-Z zeitgeist and I’m here for it. They're making old- new and the "trend"- anything goes. Even as a kid, in the era of Forever 21, Hollister and Pink; I preferred the smells of potpourri, the dust on old clocks and wished to spend my time at flea markets and local secondhand shops. It gave me the feeling that I had lived 100 lives and would go on to live 100 more.

My take on upcycled clothing as a Chicago Artist and why upcycling is IMPORTANT .

The Fast Fashion industry is gross. We know this, right?

According to , " Garments given up early and thrown out instead of recycled combine to produce massive wastage, estimated at around $500 billion every year. A large portion occurs on the consumer’s side, but retail stores are just as guilty, often spotted tossing or burning unsold stock."

I love the idea that clothing can be one of a kind and worn forever. My hand-painted pieces are meant to tell stories, while retelling the stories of those who wore it before. Some of my items have LIVED LIVES— a suit-jacket from the 80’s, a nightgown from the 90’s, a purse from the 60’s. If I could spend all day imagining the adventures my vintage collections have been on, I would.

This collection, like my process is meant to evoke a sense of marriage between nostalgia and now. Old pieces, new designs; I feast on memories of my childhood while constantly reminded of my present responsibilities. My pieces include picnics with flowers and lemons, chess pieces and newspapers. The consistent phrases, "All is Fine", "Welcome to The Show", and "No Promises" all representing this time period where nothing is guaranteed and everything is on display.


Can I wash these?

YES! My clothes are hand painted with a precise formula of acrylic paint and a professional fabric medium and set with heat. You can wash with caution on cold and even dry. I also offer FREE touch-ups on any of my pieces.

Do you do Customs?

Of COURSE! Shoot me a DM or email!

What are your preferred fabrics to paint on?

Silk, Cotton and Leather

What are you favorite pieces to paint?

Vests, Nightgowns, Button up Shirts, Linen Pants and Jackets


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