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“It’s my show, throw me daisies”

I’m not a big fan of roses. I like the way they smell, and they can be pretty to look at but something about their layered, coiled figure reminds me of showy extravagance and buried secrets. I’ve always said, “If they know me, they’ll bring me daisies.”

Now, I make it seem like I have a petty pickiness for floral arrangements and while that may be accurate; my choice of bouquet serves rather as a metaphor for dedication to remain true to my unique qualities. I choose to love and be loved by those who appreciate my flaws and quirks and in my own acceptance, appreciate others who remain loyal to their individuality.

To celebrate fall fashion trends as well as my new motto, I created a versatile bandana that serves as an all encompassing form of expression. In appreciation of my admiration for people, I scouted the Wicker Park streets for muses and models.

What made this project so exciting was speaking with strangers, running my enthusiastic mouth, and complimenting their one of a kind style. After a short introduction, I gave them a task.

Take the bandana, and style it.

Make what’s mine yours.

Own your show.

Huge thank you to everyone who took part!

Bandanas are available now for purchase at $15 a piece.


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