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DIgital Experience Development

Chase The Pace was a multi-media based project, where I was challenged to invent a product that included a digital experience for the user.  The fully developed product needed to include a well defined user experience, animated commercial, website design, and accurate photos of what the product would look like in operation.

Chase The Pace, was my interactive tool that assisted swimmers to get the most out of their daily workout. With an inclusive camera, speaker, and app that helped track the swimmer's pace, the athlete would have an enjoyable as well as efficient practice. The portable device has the ability to connect to an app via phone, or smart watch where the athlete would type in their practice and desired pace. Chase The Pace would then project a line on the bottom of the pool for the swimmer to "Chase". The device can also record video for the swimmer to analyze their technique. 


note : not all images are my images, and were used and edited  strictly for classroom/project purposes.  

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