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Brie Hines is a painter and muralist living in Chicago. She works mainly with acrylics, spray paint and colored pencil to create texture and contrast. Brie often uses her fingers and hands to explore movement and blending. Although she enjoys exploring and intermixing many different styles into her work, her love of vibrant colors and texture is something that remains consistent. 


Abstractions has always been what comes the most natural to Brie, but as confidence has assisted in artistic growth; she have been able to experiment with a style that sandwiches abstraction with pop art and impressionism. She loves to thrift old frames that hold character and tends to create pieces that match the essence of the found frame. 


She is inspired by human nature, mental health and the femme experience through the lens of trends, fashion and oftentimes, witty humor. Her style is inspired heavily by the etherealism of the Renaissance era in conjunction with the liveliness and color of pop-art.
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