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Beyond the excitement of opportunity to fill an entire room with my art, and my art alone; the art show was genuinely about love. The day began waking up with a bustle of butterflies in my stomach, but my nerves were halted and replaced with love as I was surprised with a bouquet of flowers from my dad and his girlfriend that read “Good Luck.”

I had texts from my day 1 Adam, who assured me that he was sending nothing but good vibes and energy all the way from Washington D.C….. Love.

I was prepared with old art, recent art, and brand new art and as I carefully curated the space as an intimate composition, the owner DeWayne Thomas encouraged me with nothing but generous compliments, support, and exquisite lighting. Love.

As I unpacked my business cards and detailed accessories, I found a letter written to me by my wonderful roommates, telling me how proud they were of me and to drink just a little wine to calm the nerves… love.

The first people to come were my greatest friends and supporters, Marisa and Hannah whom have truly held my hand from the day I started designing my website and sharing my art. They’re smiling faces and bubbly welcomes were exactly what I needed to be ready for a room full of people. Love.

I went down for a glass of Cabernet, and in walked my mother. Completely and utterly shocked, as I had no expectation of her driving two and a half hours up to see my two hour show, she expressed how she , “couldn’t miss it.” Love.

My friends from my swimming days, even a highlighted high school friend, Claire, whom I hadn’t seen in 2+ years came just to support and it was just LOVE.

My creative and artistically genius friends came in a pack, laughed at my dorky jokes, and talked projects with nothing but absolute LOVE.

I felt as though my expectations for a solo art exhibition were completely driven by what my art would look like hanging on the walls, and how I would considerably influence or touch the people who would come to look at it. But it couldn’t have been further from the truth. The art show was about every person who believed in me showing up to give me a hug and letting me know they were with me on the journey. It was 100% about love.

It's a humble brag; to list off people who showed me gracious love as I prepared for an event like this, but it's also somewhat mind-boggling to me. At times, as an artist you can feel alone. You spend hours cooped up in your space, creating and personifying difficult emotions and when you're opened again to the outside world, there is fear that know one will be there. When they are, it means that much more. And it hits home as to why I create in the first place... to share commonalities, bring people together, laugh, drink, dance. A room full of all of my favorite people.

How lucky am I?

All Pictures of event were taken by Marisa Savegnago : Book her for you next event at


806 W. Armitage Ave

Chicago, IL

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