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Chicago Muralist: 3 Reasons why you need a Mural for your business.

As a Chicago Artist and Muralist, I have been so honored to paint murals around the city for a variance of businesses and causes. From bars, to bakeries, I've watched as businesses have grown and enjoyed public art in their space. There are so many benefits to murals, but I'll settle for just 3 :)

Become a landmark : PEOPLE SEEK ART. Whether for a background to their gorgeous instagram feed or for the feeling of cultural exposure, people want to experience art. There are dedicated social accounts to finding murals in cities and directing folks towards them. Public Art has been an important part of grounding communities, discouraging isolation and encouraging overall joy. If your business can host joy before you even walk through the doors; well, that's a great place to start! Not only do murals create visibility for a business but creates buzz, tagged content and introduces your business to a whole new demographic.

Chicago Artist painting Cookie Monster Mural in Wicker Park, Chicago
Painting Cookie Monster in Wicker Park, Chicago Photo by Ozzie Stern

Chicago Artist standing in front of Cookie Monster Mural in Wicker Park, Chicago IL.
Cookie Monster Mural at Crumbl Cookies in Wicker Park , Photo by: Ozzie Stern

Build your Brand, Share your Values : Murals can create brand visibility and set you apart from the competition. Sharing your values and your vision through public art can create recognition for who you are, your values and in return a customer base that loves what you do. Murals can create a sense of approachability to your image-- that you're community centered. Murals can also inspire an entirely new form of income: merchandise. If people love the art and love your business, mural inspired tote bags, tees and stickers can be a great way to grow your brand and your business.

Life Long FREE Advertising : Yes, Murals cost money. BUT! The upfront cost is worth the life-long free advertising you will get in return. Having a colorful mural within your space is like moths to a flame. We live in a world where aesthetics count; social media is the key to buzz & business and art is the perfect backdrop to an instagram story, TikTok or Reel.

Chicago Artist stands in front of colorful mural located in West Loop Chicago
Mural on Recess Bar in West Loop


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