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Creating my own opportunities as a chicago artist.

Sharing art in the digital age and why I decided to create my own path-- from the perspective of a Chicago Artist.

Idea, research, sketch, more research, sketch, paint, paint some more, paint for days, gather feedback, paint even more, pour out my heart & soul, paint, gloss..... post?

Okay, so you've spent almost every ounce of brain capacity, sweat, tears and hours of work on a project.... only for it to become an instagram post sandwiched in-between a meme about Taylor Swift's new beau and an ad for a dog bed.

The digital age is tricky. On the one hand, art accessibility has always been important to me and it is positively baffling how many strangers have been able to view my art. On the other hand, is a painting really meant to be viewed within the confines of an iPhone screen?

Part, if not most of my love for making art includes the sense of personal (not digital) connection, community and interactivity that comes with the vulnerability of creating my work. Being a painter can be incredibly isolating. I spend most of my time stuck in a stuffy studio, talking to my paintings like they are my children (don't call anyone, I'm fine... really).

Last April, I was lucky enough to collaborate with Ladies Who Lit, a femme centric book club led by my friend Kaylen Ralph. At the time, I had been working on a painting based on the book Circe by Madeline Miller, so I offered it as their next book club read. Together we created a magical night discussing the book, munching on macarons, and sipping wine. We completed the evening with a grand reveal of my painting and Q&A to follow. I was so grateful for all of the honest conversations and genuine connections I made with the guests that night. It made me realize how impactful celebrating art in real life can be - it made me realize how much I’d been craving that.

It isn't always easy to find avenues in which to fulfill my desire to share my art in the way that I'd like, but with some passionate assistance, I'm learning how to build my own.

Enter: Medusa.

Chicago Artist, The Brie Show's painting and retelling of the iconic Medusa. Adorned with snakes, flowers and flame sunglasses, the painting is held in a vintage frame
Chicago Artist, The Brie Show's Medusa

Medusa has been such an accomplishment within my young career. Beyond the feedback I have received about her, painting her was the conception of the stylistic process and subject matter that my art lives as today. She helped me heal some very, very open wounds and gave me the confidence to share more vulnerably as a creator. For a year, she has come with me to my fests and watched over me in my living room. She has been complimented and adored, yet I haven't had the ability to really celebrate her in all of her glory – not just as a painting, but as a powerful feminist icon.

So. With the generous help of my insanely talented friend, Frankie Master, Medusa is coming to you like never before.

Celebrated as a Halloween Costume Party, an Art Gallery, a Fashion Show, taking place at Rhine Hall on October 27. Frankie Master will be performing a set of her original music. NatProTarot will be giving complimentary tarot readings. Medusainclouds will be doing Medusa themed flash tattoos. There will be interactive art, a textile installation, a Medusa themed cocktail, brand new Medusa Merch, and so much more

I get a tad emotional thinking about the excitement of this night and although it hasn't happened yet, I am already so grateful for the opportunity to share what Medusa has meant to me with all of you!

We've already sold quite a few tickets and space is limited, so grab your ticket now and I'll see your spooky, stoned butt there ;)

Find Costume Inspiration- here


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